Saturday, March 8, 2008


Brett Favre was the reason why most of us watched Green Bay Packer Football games over the last decade and a half. He played the game like no one else. If you loved the Packers, or hated them, you had to admire Favre's competitiveness, his skills that never receded and his toughness. Over his seventeen year career he earned the respect of his peers and sports fans all over the world. Earlier this week, the veteran quarterback announced he would no longer grace the Lambeau Field gridiron anymore. He will be sorely missed.

The Kiln, Mississippi native was even more special to Green Bay Packer fans. Under head coach Mike Holmgren, Favre brought the first Super Bowl title to the city since the Vince Lombardi years. It was a long 29 year wait for the most storied franchise in the National Football League. The Packers never won another title, but with number four, they were always a contender. Fans cheered with his sometimes incredible touchdown passes and died with his incredibly stupid interceptions. Packer fans always forgave him. Just to watch him play was simply amazing.

After 17 marvelous years, Brett Favre's biography is now the NFL record book. He owns nearly all of the major records. Favre could have won anther Super Bowl or two, and thrown a lot less interceptions, but, he guaranteed his Hall of Fame legacy years ago. Last year, another championship was reachable as Green Bay hosted the NFC Championship. Unfortunately, it would be the Packer Quarterback's last game as the New York Giants won in overtime. Favre writes one more record with his retirement: most touchdown passes, last season in the league(28.)

Being so close to a Super Bowl last year, Brett Farve's retirement comes to a surprise to some, since the team looks like a contender next season. In his words: "There's no doubt I can still play. I just don't think I want to, and that's all there is to it." Citing the endless hours preparing for the three hours on Sunday he loved, Favre just could not spend that time anymore. The coming year proved no certainties, either. Yes, the Packers may be a good in 2008, but Favre knows how hard it is to reach Nirvana in the NFL, and getting close last year was, in his mind, a good time to leave the game.

Now, we have all those wonderful memories of Brett Favre. Where it all started was the 24-23 come from behind victory over Cincinnati in the third game of the 1992 season where he came off the bench to lead the team for victory. He started the next week, and the rest is history! A Packer fan can't forget the Super Bowl XXXI victory, where the Southern Mississippi graduate threw a touchdown with his first pass. His most memorable performance was in a Monday Night Game in Oakland, a day after losing his father. Green Bay won that December 2003 game, 41-7, with Favre throwing four touchdown passes in the first half. The recent 2007 season was treat as much as it was a surprise, where Favre lead the team to a 13-3 record. Through it all, the iron-willed quarterback started ever game! All 275 of them, including the postseason. That, maybe, is Brett's greatest achievement.

Where would Brett Favre rank on the list of the greatest quarterbacks is a topic that will be debated forever. His 12-8 playoff record and one title counts against him. His love for the game, natural ability and durability speaks volumes. With every game, he entertained us! Favre was just plain fun to watch! The NFL will not be the same without him. In the end, one thing is for sure: We will always think of Brett Favre as one of the game's greatest players.

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