Monday, January 28, 2008


Jackie Kennedy coined the phrase "Camelot" in the weeks following the assassination of her husband, President John Kennedy, in November of 1963. The term is a romantic moniker, used by democrats, that mythically describes the aura of the thousand day administration of our thirty-second president. The left wing media just adores Camelot, and wishes it to return.

On Monday (January 29, 2008,) Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy formally endorsed Barack Obama for president. He was accompanied by his niece, the daughter of late president, Caroline, and nephew Patrick Kennedy (Bobby's son.) The mainstream media is hopeful that they may get their wish!

This is so much style over substance! There they all were! Descendants of the royal family anointing the chosen one. But Barack Hussein Omaba is far from John Kennedy. He may be young and can command a crowd, but Obama wants to raise your taxes and you to be dependent on Uncle Sam, where JFK lowered taxes and appealed to our individual abilities.

The Democratic nominee will either be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. The party has a clear choice. Back to the eight years of a Clinton back in the White House, or relive a early sixties fantasy with a camleotesque Obama.

No trace of a forward vision and discussion of real issues that matter. We're in real trouble if one of these makes the White House.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


It was an up and down week for Wall Street. After a Monday holiday, and some turmoil in the overseas markets, due to a global stock sell-off, it was a wild ride on Tuesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 465 points within minutes of the opening bell. It rebounded nicely to gain most of it back, only losing 128 points for the day. The average leveled off the rest of the week, ending up 107 points since the stock market's opening on Tuesday.

That is right! The Down Jones Industrial Average ended up for the past week! So where did you hear that? Hardly nowhere.

Naturally, it is the fault of the mainstream media. Always on the lookout for the shock spin of items to grab those ratings, no media outlet is going to tell you good news. If you follow the way they have been covering the economy, a terrible recession is on its way soon!

The state of the US Economy is a far cry from what you may have heard. Overall, it is strong and in good shape. GNP (Gross National Product) was a healthy 4.9 % for the 3rd quarter of 2007 (the latest period we have info for) and unemployment is less than five percent. Here is the big figure: Inflation actually decreased 0.1 percent in December! In addition, have you also noticed the price of Oil has decreased over 10 percent in the past month?

Granted, there are places where the economy is not so hot, such as the Michigan, with a down auto industry, and California, where the housing market is stagnant, however, the overall condition of the US Economy continues to fare extremely well. What happened on Wall Street in the past few days was a good example of that, as the Market corrected itself. That is what strong free markets do. Leave them alone.

The biggest threat to our Economy is government intervention. Restrictions in the form of legislation will always slow free trade on both the consumer and the seller. Higher taxes will always take away money from the consumer to spend some where else and the seller to expand or improve their products. This is important to know in an election year.

The majority of the journalists in the mainstream media vote democratic, so it is easy to understand this is another reason why their coverage of the economy is almost always negative.
Democrats love taxes, and they generally can an adverse effect the economy. Or course, let us not forget that one of their guys is not in the White House.

So take all this media coverage with a grain of salt, the US Economy is doing fine.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in the midst of a battle for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination. For the first time in American History a major presidential candidate will be from a minority group. America may have its first African-American president in Obama, or its first female in Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton's campaign has had the aid of traditional Democratic liberal entities, thanks to the ties of her two-term former president-husband. Even before Bill left the Oval Office, her sights have been set on returning the White House. Hillary's rise is not unexpected. But Illinois Senator Obama's rise is.

Almost out of nowhere Barack Obama has become an important candidate. His keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention as a freshman senator, launched him into superstar status. So far, in this year's primary season, he was won over voters with his engaging and charismatic style. Omaba has done it the old fashioned way, and believe it or not, because of this, he is in trouble, and probably will lose to Clinton when it it all over.

Obama has not needed the traditional liberal mechanics to win votes. As a black man, he has not consulted African-American advocates such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. The Democratic insiders are either mad or beside their selves. How dare Obama do it by himself! The liberal mantra of a negro needing help by all powerful caring left wingers is not working in the Illinois Senator's case. Racism in reverse! I have always believed that liberals think that Africa-Americans cannot make it alone. Barack Obama is his own man, and his rise says much about his personal character and ability.

There will be a battle, perhaps a bloody one, the rest of the Campaign. Already we have heard mumblings of accusations of racism from the Clinton camp. The liberal Clinton machine will be hard to beat, and there is hope that Obama's grass roots approach can overcome it. Unfortunately, I don't think so.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


In the aftermath of the New Hampshire Primary, the media now tilts toward the two winners: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain. According to nearly all the political commentators, they are now the front runners. This is absolutely wrong! The tornado of spins have left many casual news browsers confused. Just last Saturday many labeled Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee the chosen ones.

Folks, it is way too early, and for someone who follows this process, let me dispel some myths in have both seen, heard and read about the 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Myth #1 The Hillary Clinton Comeback.
Senator Clinton's victory in the New Hampshire's Democratic Primary was not a comeback! In truth, it was expected. At least that was the case before Christmas, where some polls had Mr. Clinton with a double-digit lead. The Obama surge may have temporary knocked her down to second, however, make no mistake about it, there is no political machine better than Clinton Incorporated. Experienced and well funded, they can create ways no other candidate can match in getting out the vote. Hillary always had an advantage, she was never in serious trouble.

Myth #2 Hillary's Crying Moment Was Genuine.
I do not think so! Remember this is Clinton Inc! They will stop at almost nothing to gain votes.
In the Ophra World of emotions over reason, Hillary went for broke staging her 'coming to tears' fiasco, knowing that she will gain favor with the voters. It worked!

Myth #3 John McCain Will Be The GOP Nominee.
John McCain cannot win the Republican Nomination simply because the conservative base of the party will never elect him. No further explanation needed.

Myth#4 Mitt Romney Must Win In Michigan.
Romney finished second in both Iowa and New Hampshire! The pundits are considering him in to be in trouble at this early stage, and that is absurd, especially after one major caucus and the first primary. He leads in the most important category, the delegate count. He is the true front runner at this point in time!

Myth #5 Iowa & New Hampshire Reflect Most of the Nation's Electorate.
George Bush(1980,) Tom Harkin and Dick Gephardt are previous winners in Iowa. Pat Buchanan, Paul Tsongas and Gary Hart all won the New Hampshire Primary. In all these cases, the winner did not go on to win their party's nomination. In addition, Both states have a larger than average Democratic/Liberal base than the rest of the nation, and are not considered Conservative strongholds by any means.

Myth #6 Rudy Giuliani's Chances Are Slim to None.
Giuliani did not actively compete in Iowa and New Hampshire, so he was virtually ignored.
His approach focuses on the delegate rich Super Tuesday Primaries, where just over 1000 delegates will be decided in 21 states. Basically, a "why waste time in small states when I can focus on bigger prizes" strategy may work for Giuliani, since he still leads in the national poles, and most of those prizes are much closer to his base. His home state of New York, California, and Illinois are among the big states included in the February 5 primaries.

Here is the the current delegate count as of January 9, 2008:

Democrats: Obama 25, Clinton 24, Edwards 18.

Republicans: Romney 24, Huckabee 18, McCain 10.

So how can the media be so sure about Clinton's and McCain's chances to face off in November, as some of the outlets have all but projected? Only three states have weighed in. (Wyoming picked their delegates this past week, too.) There is no way they can! Part of the fun of being a political junkie is watching all the pundits spin. They are wrong more often than right, and Thursday night's biggest loser was the media.

Friday, January 4, 2008


There is no doubt that media outlets such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times and the Washington Post are rooting for a Democrat to win the white House in 2008. More specifically, I would say that they are all in the tank for Hillary Clinton to be the next president. So, it comes as no surprise that they missed the real of story of the results of the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday Night. For the first time ever an African-American, Barack Hussein Obama, won the state’s major presidential contest.

Instead, their headlines focused on the Republican side, where Mike Huckabee won a convincing victory over Mitt Romney. In addition to pushing Mrs. Clinton, the left wing media would love to see Huckabee as the GOP nominee.

The ex-Baptist Preacher Mike Huckabee is perceived as the weakest Republican candidate by the media elite. They do not like his Christian Values, and mock his conservative church going supporters. In their eyes, a November GOP ticket with Huckabee at the top would be ‘easy meat’ for Hillary, so it is only natural that they would praise him and vilify the other Republicans, such as Romney and Giuliani during this primary season. Not to take anything away from Mike Huckabee, he ran a great campaign in winning, but he did have the media on his side. Additionally, in the long run, I don't see him as the nominee, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are stronger candidates.

Another reason the left wing media downplayed Obama’s victory: Their candidate finished a disappointing third place. Before last night, I had little doubt that Hillary Clinton would be anointed as the 2008 Democratic Candidate. Today, I have to say that my doubt has increased to that of a 50-50 chance. Mrs. Clinton experienced a major defeat in Iowa! Iowa is a liberal state, and more women vote against her than for her! Clinton may be in some trouble. Only time will tell how the media addresses this.

Iowa was only the first state, and no political pundit can predict the future based on these results. It can easily change after the results of next Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary.
Mike Huckabee will not be the GOP nominee, but Barack Hussein Obama could very well be the Democratic nominee. We shall see.