Saturday, February 23, 2008


A few months ago the New York Times endorsed Arizona Senator John McCain for the Republican side of the Empire State's primary. It is no secret that the Maverick McCain warmed up to liberal leading media outlets such as the NYT in order to attract independents and moderates. Now that the Senator has all but wrapped up the GOP nomination, I wonder if he knew what hit him this week with the rag's indirect accusation of infidelity based on unnamed McCain staffers flimsy accounts.

Maybe - if he was a true conservative, he should has saw this coming. There is a long tradition of right wing bashing from the New York Times. For they are always in the tank with the democrats.

I hope John McCain has learned his lesson. A Republican should never cozy up the the left wing media! He will see that there will be more biased stories and fabrications about him to come as we inch closer to November.

The real story of the week is McCain's lesson.

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Jinksy said...

I don't think the senator has learned anything from this ordeal.

Like a good number of men, including former president Bill Clinton, he feels he did no wrong, and will continue to philander irregardless of the outcome.

In due time, we will find out more about John McCain's Secret Affairs