Monday, January 28, 2008


Jackie Kennedy coined the phrase "Camelot" in the weeks following the assassination of her husband, President John Kennedy, in November of 1963. The term is a romantic moniker, used by democrats, that mythically describes the aura of the thousand day administration of our thirty-second president. The left wing media just adores Camelot, and wishes it to return.

On Monday (January 29, 2008,) Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy formally endorsed Barack Obama for president. He was accompanied by his niece, the daughter of late president, Caroline, and nephew Patrick Kennedy (Bobby's son.) The mainstream media is hopeful that they may get their wish!

This is so much style over substance! There they all were! Descendants of the royal family anointing the chosen one. But Barack Hussein Omaba is far from John Kennedy. He may be young and can command a crowd, but Obama wants to raise your taxes and you to be dependent on Uncle Sam, where JFK lowered taxes and appealed to our individual abilities.

The Democratic nominee will either be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. The party has a clear choice. Back to the eight years of a Clinton back in the White House, or relive a early sixties fantasy with a camleotesque Obama.

No trace of a forward vision and discussion of real issues that matter. We're in real trouble if one of these makes the White House.

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