Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Such an irony! Valimir Lenin's birthday and Earth Day share the same date, April twenty-second. Lenin was the father of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and was the genesis of the Soviet communist society. There are little differences between communism and modern environmentalism since both seek political power and detest capitalism.

The first Earth Day was in 1970, and was founded by the modern environmental movement. Its purpose is to make the masses aware of environmental concerns. Today those concerns are magnified with the global warming hysteria. Not only does the green crowd want to make citizens aware, they seek legislation to ensure it. They have been successful.

Environmentalism has a goal of making good little greenies out of all of us. We should all recycle, watch are carbon footprints and cut down on are energy consumption. Just to make sure, we need laws to enforce that! Lives will be seriously altered and freedoms will go out the window. Ultimately this disrupts the capitalist engine of a free society, which is what I believe is the true intention of the movement. Not much different that the goal of communism, is it?

I refuse to recycle because for two reasons. There is no cause for me to do so, and I will be dammed if a government entity tells me I must over a silly little matter. I shall resist any attempts to change my lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with an individual making efforts to conserve and be environmentally aware. I applaud that. But don't force it on others.

There is much debate about the notion of human activity harming the planet. Obviously, I don't believe that notion at all. Using the smokescreen of Global Warming to scare the masses into false actions that will harm some basic freedoms is dangerous to me. Vlaimir Lenin would be right at home with the modern environmental movement.

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