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Happy World AIDS Day! December 1 marks another time for reflection of the deadly disease, and I am happy to report that there is good news! AIDS has actually been on the decline in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control. Just a few weeks ago, the United Nations released a statement telling us that the size and scope of the worldwide AIDS Epidemic has been overestimated. Today, someone with the HIV virus can now be treated, thanks to the advances of modern medicine. Good news indeed! But you may not hear about any of this on World AIDS day!

AIDS is probably the most misunderstood disease on earth. When the United Nation revealed they have been exaggerating the number of people infected by AIDS for years, it only echoed the point that I have always believed: Almost everything about AIDS have been grossly misreported. The disease has been lied about, propagandized and exaggerated.

In the mid-eighties, I can remember the fears many of my friends had of the coming AIDS Pandemic. Ringing in my ears were the words of the so called wise crying: “It would spread like wildfire and ravage the heterosexual community” I was not overly concerned, since I was not a practicing participant in the two major AIDS risk groups. For I am not a homosexual, and I am not a drug user. Oh, but that did not matter! The experts scolded: “If you practice any sex at all, you better be frightened...millions shall perish!” As the years passed, I continued to hear their warnings. But I knew better. It would never arrive, it didn’t, and I knew it wouldn’t. In reality, those warnings were myths brought on by misunderstandings by the politically correct promoting their agenda of misinformation to confuse us all.

It became clear to me that the major reason why AIDS did not spread into the heterosexual community is simply because most of the public was, and still is, unaware of the basic fact that it is very hard for a heterosexual to be infected with the HIV virus. HIV is bloodborne, that is, it must be transmitted blood to blood. The transmission is rare, unless one engages in behaviors, such as anal sex, where the cell construction of both the rectum and anal wall are virtually non-resistant to tearing by the activity. With vaginal sex, both the rectum and vagina are well designed to resist tearing.

Basic biology lessons, which should be taught on days such as ‘World AIDS Day,’ have been replaced by the fear of labeling AIDS as a ‘Gay Disease.” Most important, however, is the greed for more research money to fight the disease. It is all about the money! Make no mistake about it, AIDS is an industry. It spews out its propaganda about ‘millions infected’ and ‘exploding epidemic’ while it rakes in the bucks. A reality check is needed on World AIDS Day. A quick glance of the actual numbers exposes some of the lies.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 530,756 Americans died of AIDS from 1981 to 2005. In the last year reported, 16,316 perished of the disease, which is less than 0.7 percent of all deaths for 2005. Putting that number in even more perspective, the statistics show about a thousand more are murdered, twice as many commit suicide, and cancer kills more than thirty times as many Americans. Not even close to the feared ‘millions’ number. The figures also reveal that a little more than half a million citizens are currently living with AIDS.

The disease’s death rate has remained fairly constant at about 16,000 annually over the past 15 years. With the nation’s population growing yearly, basic math tells us that the AIDS death rate is decreasing. The easy, elusive, but never reported conclusion: There is no AIDS Epidemic! Never was and never will be!

With the admission by the United Nations that their worldwide AIDS deaths were wrong, certainly the situation in Africa may have been overstated as well. Rest assured it is! Although AIDS has claimed millions on the Africa, the fears of the PC alarmists of the disease turning the continent into a desert have not materialized. Birth rates are increasing in countries such as Uganda, where the disease was supposed to wipe out the country’s population.

Thanks to the UN’s World Health Organization, the myth of heterosexual AIDS continued with their ridiculous claim of over 99 percent of African HIV cases came as a result of sexual transmission. Nothing can be further from the truth! If one looks at the American model of nearly non-existent heterosexual infections, you can easily conclude that this is not the cause.

The ‘dirty’ little secret of African HIV infection is hidden from us by the AIDS industry. It is primarily a result of a poverty stricken population which deals with contaminated medical procedures. This would explain the high infection rate of African children. One lesser, but important fact is the degree of local tribes engaging in homosexual sex. Over the years, the AIDS PC Crowd has lied to us by saying that type of activity is not found in Africa. It certainly is! Anthropologists will tell you that bisexuality is very common among the males in many of the African tribes.

On this World AIDS Day, please spend a few hours and see for yourself the data about AIDS/HIV by visiting the CDC website. Read some of the research Journalist Michael Fumento and Doctor James Chin have written about the subject, as I have. It was the basis for this article. With that, I think you may arrive at some of the same conclusions I have made: 1) AIDS is a politically correct disease. 2) Its research is guided by the quest for funds through propaganda, rather that factual information. 3) AIDS/HIV is nowhere near an epidemic. And, finally, thank goodness: 4) The disease is on the decline.

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